Ethically Made

NINKIN of is dog clothing inspired by our furry sweetie Ninkin's everyday style needs in mind, better-quality yet unique than commodity products of the industry, and always evolving.

INFLATION of responds to what we design for Ninkin's style- a simple, timeless unisex clothing with a shareable sense of real flair and fun among pet lovers.

Both collections are designed by Palm Paw studio and our design partners in Japan. Our direct manufacturing partners in maindland China are an extension of the Palm Paw family. And when we say ‘made with love’ in China, we really mean it. Our partnered factory in China are audited yearly by an independent third party for occupational health and safety. These audits help ensure that humane work hours and wages are enforced, and that the facilities are safe.

We also work with sourcing and production partners around the world that minimize the impact of our production on the environment, and we consider them to be an extension of our studio—we hold them to the same high standards that we hold ourselves. Our fabrics are sourced with transparency, we embrace a limited waste material model due to our focus on Made-to-Order, and our employees are always treated fairly. Always.